An appeal for donations for relief and rehabilitation of the victims of the
heavy rains, floods and landslides in Uttrakhand.

Yusuf Meherally Centre has decided to join the relief and rehabilitation efforts in Uttrakhand.

Tale of a rain-ravaged village in Uttrakhand
Tale of a rain-ravaged village in Uttrakhand
The Centre has considerable experience in organizing and executing relief and rehabilitation work. In its very early period it provided relief to the victims of the flood in Orissa. It organized a student committee in Mumbai to help drought affected students of Maharashtra. The Centre provided relief in Raigad when there were flash floods (year 1989). And, after the cyclone and earthquake (2001), we worked in Kutch. This was followed by similar efforts: After the tsunami (2004), in Nagapattinam. The earthquake in Kashmir (2005). The Koshi floods in Bihar (2009) and the floods in Ladakh (2010). In short, we have rich experience and have learnt many lessons. For more information about our relief and rehabilitation activities for the benefit of those affected by natural calamities, please visit our website, namely:

The Centre has already a presence in Uttrakhand. And it has an office functioning there since 2009, at the following address:

Yusuf Meherally Centre
Village-Kandikhall, Post-Kempty
Via-Mussoorie, Dehradun,
Uttrakhand- Pin-248179
M: 9675897788, 9927145123

It has a youth wing, namely, the Yusuf Meherally Yuva Biradari, with a large number of volunteers. Shri Jabar Singh, a well known journalist of the area with contacts in the government as well as different civil society groups, is in charge of our office in Uttrakhand. He is also connected with the National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM) and the Rashtra Seva Dal (RSD). We have set up a soap unit in that state with a view to generating employment.

With this background of vast experience at the disposal of the Centre and in view of the fact that it has already a presence in the state, we are sure that YMC can do a lot of good without replicating what others are doing. And, it is very much pertinent and relevant that whenever there is such a calamity, a lot of good-doers come for immediate relief work, but very few remain for the second phase, namely, the much needed rehabilitation work. The Centre has a history of continuing in the area long after the first phase of immediate relief work is concluded, to persevere with the second phase of long-term rehabilitation, whether it is Kutch in Gujarat after the earthquake in 2001 or in Nagapattinam after the Tsunami in 2004 or elsewhere.

The Centre has since set up a Relief Committee for Uttrakhand, with Shri Haresh Shah, Joint Secretary of the Centre and Shri Sudhir Gandbhir, a Life Member, as Convenors and Members of the Managing Committee as Ex-Officio members. .

The priorities that have been set before the Relief Committee to pursue and implement are:
  1. To identify those victims who have not received any aid from the government and help them secure it, and if necessary supplement it.
  2. To liaise, co-ordinate and help the official machinery in providing relief and broadcast the rehabilitation measures that the state has announced.
  3. To work for providing sustainable livelihood for the victims of the calamity in Uttrakhand.
  4. To co-ordinate its activities with other voluntary agencies and government departments, wherever feasible, or set up a network of voluntary agencies.
  5. To identify and advocate a model of development which is eco-friendly for the beleaguered state.
We have identified a cluster of villages for intensive work and are setting up an office.

The Centre has already started relief work in the area.

The Centre has already started a hunt for committed volunteers from its various Project Offices in different states (the Centre works in eight states), for the relief and rehabilitation work of the Centre in Uttrakhand, with a clear mandate that they should be willing to lift debris, sweep, clean, withstand hunger and forgo any comfort, should the need arise.

This is an appeal to you to send financial assistance for relief and rehabilitation work in Uttrakhand. We will also appeal to you to provide separately some money to take care of the travel and other administrative expenses.

Cheque/ Draft may please be drawn in favour of "Yusuf Meherally Centre" and sent to the following address:

The General Secretary
Yusuf Meherally Centre
D-15, Ganesh Prasad, First Floor
Naushir Barucha Marg (Sleater Road)
Grant Road (West), Mumbai 400 007
Maharashtra State, India.

And, for electronic transfer, our bank account particulars are:

  1. The Shamrao Vithal Co-operative Bank Ltd
    Account No. : OD - 100920950000011
    Branch Name: Sleater Road
    IFSC No. : SVCB0000009
    Branch No. : 400089009

    Address : A/3-4, Ganesh Prasad, Naushir Prasad Marg,
    Grant Road (West),
    Sleater Road, Mumbai: - 400 007.

  2. State Bank of India
    Account No. : 10066940217
    Branch Name: Hughes Road
    IFSC No. : SBIN0005800
    Branch No. : 400002033

    Address : Gamdevi, Grant Road (West), Mumbai 400 007

  3. IDBI Bank
    Account No. : 004104000047719
    Branch Name: Nariman Point
    IFSC No. : IBKL0000004
    Branch No. : 000259000

    Address : Mittal Tower 'C'wing Nariman Point, Mumbai: - 400 021.

Donations to the Centre are tax exempt under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.


Besides finances, the Yusuf Meherally Centre needs the following materials as donation in kind for its relief activities in Uttrakhand:
  1. Building materials (e.g. tin galvanised sheets, plastic metal pipes, plastic floor mats etc)
  2. Gasifiers with solar panels for cooking.
  3. Tarpaulins, mosquito nets
  4. Dry ration (primarily-rice, pulses, biscuits)
  5. Blankets and woolens,
  6. Cooking utensils, buckets
  7. Torch and batteries, umbrellas, candles, lanterns
  8. Basic medicines
  9. Water purifier tablets
  10. Crutches, feeding bottles, rope.
Such donations in kind may be sent to:
The General Secretary,
Yusuf Meherally Centre,
D-15, Ganesh Prasad, First Floor,
Naushir Barucha Marg (Sleater Road),
Grant Road (West), Mumbai 400 007,
Maharashtra State
Yusuf Meherally Centre is focusing on a cluster of villages in Uttrakhand, namely, Purodi, Papra, Chanangan and Duggada, for its relief and rehabilitation work. NAPM volunteers helped in the survey of these villages and distribution of relief articles to the villagers.
Flood affected Purodi village
Flood affected Purodi village
Another view of the Purodi village
Another view of the Purodi village
Dr. Abhijit Vaidhya and his colleagues are on the way to Purodi village
Dr. Abhijit Vaidhya and his colleagues are
on the way to Purodi village
Medical camp at Purodi village
Medical camp at Purodi village
Another view of the medical camp at Purodi village
Another view of the medical camp at
Purodi village
A damaged school at Papra village
A damaged school at Papra village
A ravaged Chanangan village
A ravaged Chanangan village
A damaged school at Duggada village
A damaged school at Duggada village

July 10, 2013