1. Inauguration of the Dr. Rukminibai Malekar & Dr. J.R.Joshi Herbal Plantation and Research Facilitation Centre in collaboration with the Yusuf Meherally Centre.
A view of Ashok V Kokje Herbal Plants Nursery
A view of Ashok V Kokje Herbal Plants Nursery

YMC has developed a project for plantation of Herbs (medicinal plants) and related research facility in a two acre plot of its land in the Madhu-Pramila Dandavate Sankul, Bandhanwadi, Tara, with the support of Shri Ashok V. Kokje, a resident of South Mumbai and a well-wisher, who gave a generous donation and organized technical support for the project. The project is named" Dr.Rukminibai Malekar &Dr.J.R.Joshi Herbal Plantation & Research Facilitation Centre" in recognition of their life time contribution in the field of health-care. The Herbal Nursery is named as "Ashok V Kokje Herbal Plants Nursery". The entire project was formally inaugurated in a function held in the Sankul on Sunday March 13, 2016. Dr.Aarti Juvekar, Dr.D.K.Joshi, Dr. Anil. J. Joshi, Shri Mateen Diwan, Hon.Project Director of the YMC and Shri Ashok V. Kokje addressed the gathering. Shri Gaurang Puthli, General Secretary, YMC formally inaugurated the project. Dr.G.G.Parikh, Chairman,YMC blessed the occasion with his presence.

The late V.V.Deshhpande, a former General General Secretary of the YMC was instrumental in securing the generous donation as aforesaid for the project. A consideration is on to institute three prizes under this project, in recognition of the contribution of the late Deshpande to the different sectors of Indian economy.

Inauguration function in pictures:
Dr. Aarti Juvekar explaining the benefits of herbal medicines
Dr.D.K.Joshi, Khopoli, addressing the audience
Dr. Anil. J. Joshi addressing a small gathering of well-wishers. Dr. G.G. Parikh looks on second from left
Shri Gaurang Puthli formally inaugurating the project
Shri Mateen Diwan highlighting the role of plants and herbs
Shri Ashok V.Kokje speaks about the Project
A view of the audience
Another view of the plantation area
2. Yusuf Meherally Urdu High School Apta re-named

Yusuf Meherally Urdu School, Apta was re-named as "Dada Miyan Diwan Urdu High School", in a function held at the school on May 02, 2016 at 5 pm. The function was presided over by Dr. G.G.Parikh, Chairman, Yusuf Meherally Centre. It was attended, among others, by Shri Vivek Patil, Ex MLA, Shri R.C.Gharat, President, Raigad District Congress Committee, Shri Arif Patel, Ex Vice President, Panvel Municipal Council, Shri Santaosh Patil Market Yard Committee Member, Shri Gaurang Puthli, General Secretary, YMC, Shri Haresh Shah, Joint Secretary, YMC, Shri Mateen Diwan, Hon. Project Director& Treasurer, YMC, Shri Akhlaq Diwan, Shri Raees Pithoo, both School Committee Members, Sarpanch Apta Group Gram Panchayat and Trutees of Jama Masjid Apta. Local people attended in large numbers. Besides, students of Class IX and Class X too attended the function. During the function, Dr. Mahendra Shah Science Lab, Pradip Shinde Computer Lab and Mangla Parikh Guidance Centre for Girls were also inaugurated. Shri Akhlaque Dada Miyan Diwan who made a generous donation for construction of a building of its own for the school was profusely thanked by Shri Vivek Patil and Shri R.C.Gharat who spoke on the occasion.
G.G.Parikh is thanking Mohsin Mulla for working hard to complete the construction of the school building
Dr. Parikh in his speech emphasized on the need for added efforts for national integration, communal harmony, promotion of village industries and the education of the poor. Students of the school entertained the participants by singing some songs. More details of the function are in pictures:

Re-naming ceremony
Inauguration of Mangla Parikh Guidance Centre for Girls by Smt. Prabha Das Parikh
Shri Vivek Patil inaugurating Pradip Shinde Computer Lab
G.G.Parikh with Haresh Shah, Gaurang Puthli, Vivek Patil, Shri R.C.Gharat and Shri Santhosh Patil
3. Training Course in Village Pottery at YMC, Tara
Trainees in Pottery

A training course in Village Pottery was organized by the Vaikunthbhai Mehta Research Centre for Decentralised Industries at the Pottery unit of the Yusuf Meherally Centre, Madhu Pramila Dandavate Sankul, Tara from 30, 2016 to April 06, 2016, in collaboration with the Khadi & Village Industries Commission(KVIC ) and the YMC. 20 persons from Panvel Tauka, Raigad District, Maharashtra who were selected for the training attended the course. The training was imparted by the two Artisans of the YMC's Pottery unit, namely, Shri Prakash Tambe and Shri Rajendra Thakur. These 20 persons who successfully completed the training were awarded certificates in a ceremony held on May 10 at 3.00 pm at the Madhu Pramila Dandavate Sankul. The ceremony was presided over by Dr. G.G.Parikh, Chairman, YMC.It was attended by Shri K.J.Bhosle, Dy Director (Mineral Based Industries), Shri S.L.Viratiya, both from the KVIC and Shri A.K.Diwedi, a former Director (KVIC) on behalf of the Vaikunthbhai Mehta Research Centre for Decentralised Industries.

Shri Diwedy who anchored the ceremony observed that the KVIC generally imparts the training to the artisans who are involved in the pottery making, while the present training was meant for the urban youth who came forward to know the pottery making as a creative art. Shri Bhosle told the trainees the scope for taking pottery as an income generating business. Shri Viratiya spoke on the various training courses in Pottery available under the KVIC and the sources for financing Pottery as an income generating business. Dr. Parikh handed over the certificates to the trainees.
Certificates awarding ceremony in pictures:

Shri. A.K.Diwedy(standing), Dr. G.G.Parikh,Shri K.J.Bhosle and Shri S.L.Viratiya
Dr.Parikh is appreciating the services rendered by the trainer Shri Rajendra Thakur
Shri K.J.Bhosle is speaking on the occasion
Shri Viratiya is explaining the training courses available
4. YMC Bhadreshwar Branch started a Hindi School with support of Jindal SAW Ltd.
Inauguration of the school- a joint venture of the YMC and the Jindal SAW Ltd

YMC Branch at Bhadreshwar, Kutch, Gujarat has started a Hindi school for the under privileged children in Vikashpuram, Samagoga, near Mundra in association with Jindal SAW Ltd. It was inaugurated in a function held on May 04, 2016. Shri V Rajasekaran, Vice President (-Operation), Jindal SAW was the chief guest of the function.
Shri Pritesh Bhatt, AGM(Administration) of the Jindal is speaking at the inauguration
Shri Dharmendrakumar,YMC Project Coordinator is speaking on the occasion

The school is named: Sarashwati Vidya Mandir. And it has Classes I to V. So far over 200 children have enrolled. The number is expected to go up to 250 in the coming days. These are mainly the children of parents working in the Jindal and nearby factories. The classes are run in a building of the Jindal SAW Ltd. There are seven teachers. The Jindal SAW provides the infrastructure , security and power for the school, while the YMC is providing the teachers and transportation

More pictures of the school:
5. Mini Model of an Oil Ghani with Over-head drive developed at YMC, Nagapattinam.

The YMC's branch at Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu has developed a mini model of an oil ghani with overhead drive. Oil could be extracted in cold process from any type of conventional edible oil seeds such as Sesame( til) seed, Groundnut kernel, coconut kerneland mustard seeds in small quantities. It is also useful for the extraction of oil from high valued products such as Almond, Apricot kernel, Akrote kernel etc. After extraction, the oil cake is pulverised and could be used in chocolate, toffees, dressings in bakery products and could also be used in cold drinks and beverages. Since the oil is extracted in cold process it contains high nutritive values.

The equipment is provided with 1 H.P. Motor. It could be used in domestic power line in single phase. Production Capacity: 40 to 60 kilos of oil seeds crushing per day.

Cost of the equipment with electricals: Rs.95, 000/- Manufacture & delivery from Nagpattinam (Tamilnadu). Packing forwarding and local taxes extra.

For more details, please contact Shri . K.Selvaraj, Project Coordinator, Yusuf Meherally Centre, 5-1173, Vedaranyam Main Road, Poovathadi, At post:- Prathaparamapuram, District:- Nagapattinam, PIN: 611 111, Tamilnadu, Mobile contacts: 9791715855 / 9786074531, E-mail: koselvaraj@gmail.com
6. A father prefers the natural setting of Tara village for his son's wedding reception - a trend setter?
An upper middle class resident of Kharghar,Navi Mumbai (Shri Chandramohan Nair) preferred the serene beauty of the natural setting of the camping facility at the Tara village of Yusuf Meherally Centre on the Mumbai Goa Highway to a hotel or banquet hall in the city for his sonís marriage reception. Dr. G. G. Parikh who graced the occasion complimented Shri. Nair for conducting the function at YMC. He said it is a laudable thing for one to do at a time when many are in a mad race to outperform their neighbours and relatives in the scale and extravaganza in food and venue selection from exotic Udaipur to cruise ships while celebrating such events.
Guests at the wedding reception

The reception was held in the YMC's Madhu-Pramila Dandavate Sankul, Bandhanwadi, Tara. The YMC can provide all facilities and serve good vegetarian food for such marriage receptions. Menu and sweets are made to order. For more details, please contact YMC: Shri Mateen Diwan M: 09423385946 or Shri Madan Marathe M: 09422691505 / 09011310545 or Shri Balkrishna Sawant, M: 090298000. YMC had a sales counter at the reception site which was managed by Shri Srikant Suchde, Manager, YMC Shop, Babulnath, Mumbai 400007 along with Shri Karan Mehr and Shri Tejas.
The newly wedded couple with guests; Shri Devidas as the master of ceremony
Praying for the showers of blessings on the couple
Large parking space for vehicles of the guests
Shri Srikant Suchde, at the sales counter with Shri Karan Mehr and Shri Tejas