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the centre was started in 1961 in memory of yusuf meherally, and was formally inaugurated in 1966, by dr. zakir husain, the then vice-president. the initial objectives were promoting national

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integration and studying the problems of urbanisation. after 1967, the transformation of urban resources through men, money and material, and with Price Melt Down nfl cheap jerseys Early Bird Specials the participation of local people got added as an objective. during 1962-67, cultural and intellectual activities dominated its programme. the centre was the first to organise an nfl cheap jerseys You can enjoy High Quality,best price and fast shipping exhibition of laxman's cartoons. it helped bangladesh refugees and organised famine relief whenever necessary. later, rural development became its main activity and a large number of activities were taken up in diverse fields at tara and around.

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aims and objects

1.to do constructive and nation building work among all sections of society.

2.to undertake rural development activities.

3.to promote and undertake khadi and village industries.

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