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Shri Devendrakumar R. Desai, Chairman, KVIC with Dr.G.G.Parikh at the KGA meeting
Shri Devendrakumar R. Desai, Chairman, KVIC with Dr.G.G.Parikh at the KGA meeting
Shri Devendrakumar R. Desai, Chairman, KVIC with Dr.G.G.Parikh at the Khadi Gramodyog exhibition-cum-sales
Shri Devendrakumar R. Desai, Chairman, KVIC with Dr.G.G.Parikh at Khadi Gramodyog exhibition-cum-sales
The Khadi Gramodyog Andolan launched at Rajkot (Gujarat) on January 30, 2005, had its sixth annual review meeting in Mumbai on the Gandhi Nirvan Din, January 30, 2012. Khadi Gramodyog Andolan (KGA) is an initiative of the Yusuf Meherally Centre alongwith, Mumbai Gandhi Smarak Nidhi, Maharashtra Sarvoday Mandal, Mumbai- Sarvoday Mandal, Saurashtra Rachnatmak Samiti, Khadi Gramodyog Mahasangh, the latter two from Saurashtra (Gujarat). It is an initiative for the revival, development and promotion of Khadi Gramodyog (khadi and village industries).

Though an all-India body, few outside Maharashtra came. The meeting passed a resolution and most who came took a pledge.

The pledge

I pledge to:
Buy some khadi every year,
Give preference to gramodyog products,
Use hand-made paper for visiting cards and on important occasions,
Gift Indian handicrafts
Eat organic foods,

One highlight was that Shri Devendrakumar R. Desai, new Chairman of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission came to inaugurate the exhibition. And another, two veteran trade union leaders Dr. Shanti Patel and Shri R. G. Karnik attended the meeting. Shri Anil Gangar and Dr. D.K.Patil, both leaders of the consumer co-operative movement, too attended. Those present also decided to strengthen the co-operative movement in Mumbai. The meeting passed the following resolution:


This sixth Annual Review Meeting of the Khadi Gramodyog Andolan held on January 30, 2012, hereby, expresses its satisfaction at what has been done so far but notes with regret that despite efforts the target of raising a crore has not been realized and the entity (KGA) has not been registered as a non-profit company. It also notes that the suggestions for setting up a hand-made paper unit, a cell to turn around sick khadi gramodyog units, and another cell to upgrade technologies, have not been implemented. This meeting, hereby decides that these past suggestions be pursued vigorously.

This meeting further notes with regret that the three people who borrowed money to promote KGA have not returned the money. Therefore, the meeting, hereby, directs the conveners to see that these moneys are realized.

The meeting notes that the KGA functioned with great enthusiasm in the initial years, but in recent years, the enthusiasm has waned. While the effort to keep a Kutch khadi unit going, YMC's venture to restart a khadi shop in Kandivali, and periodic sales-cum-exhibitions at different railway stations and state government offices with the help of the trade unions are welcome and encouraging, the Andolan has failed to enroll volunteers who will help in sales, or will organize sales in their homes or societies and to involve the NSS students. These should be pursued vigorously.

This meeting records that despite efforts, the KGA and various Gandhian and KVI bodies have not succeeded in restoring rebate, reversing the anti-Khadi VI policy of the government and ensuring loans at 3 to 4% interest for gramodyog units. This meeting resolves to see that a powerful movement is launched with like-minded institutions to revive sick khadi units, to persuade the government to restart rebate and make KVIC a pro-active body. It is further resolved that while pursuing these, the KGA will not lose sight of the fact that it is committed to promoting khadi and gramodyog as an alternate development model.

The meeting congratulates Shri. Devendrakumar R. Desai on being appointed as the Chairman of the KVIC. The meeting records that it was under his Chairmanship that the KGA was launched at Rajkot in January 2005."
Views of the KGA meeting- veteran trade union leaders Shri R. G. Karnik and Dr. Shanti Patel are also seen in the picture (extreme right in the background)