A group of 39 lady managers from all branches of the Credit Agricole Bank visited YMC Tara on June 21, 2014 as a part of their CSR initiative.

They were accompanied by the Joint Secretaries of the Centre, Rita Sridhar and Haresh Shah. The group was welcomed by the students of our Bhanuben Pravin Shah High School (Mohanlal Raichand Mehta Educational complex) with an impressive display of lazim (a popular group dance form).

The group was then taken to the multi-purpose hall situated in the premises of the school where they addressed the students present.

As per our request they had decided to understand, take up and support the issues relating to our Adivasi (Tribal) Girls Hostel.

The group talked to the girls about hygiene related issues and explained the various measures that they could and should take.

As a token of their appreciation of the welcome and as an initial introductory gift, all the 101 girls were gifted umbrellas.

The group was shown around the Tara campus and was really impressed with the depth and scope of YMC's activities.

The group having made their own observations stated that they would go back and after internal discussions, would get back to us with their plans of a more long term involvement.

Our shop was a big draw and after shopping, they made their trip back to Mumbai, but not before the bank gave each one in the group a take away gift of a YMC Product basket.

More images on the visit