BrainBox of the Yusuf Meherally Centre (YMC) is at work in collaboration with the Antarang Foundation. The Foundation works with socially and financially excluded youth from Mumbai's most marginalized communities and trains them in basic job readiness skills and links them to employment opportunities. Computer literacy is an integral employability skill, and this provision has been made possible by the YMC's BrainBox bus (Read Link: A BUS LIKE NO OTHER - September 10, 2013), which is equipped with computers and a Projection system .

Antarang Foundation began computer lessons and basic spoken English classes in the Brainbox bus from April 30, 2014 in the Reay Road area in Mumbai. Since then, over 25 youths from the Reay Road community have been spending over 6 hours a day on the bus learning computers, spoken English and building awareness of various career options available. The classroom space of the BrainBox has helped the Reay Road community as follows:

  1. The youth had access to computers which may not have been possible at all, but for the BrainBox.

  2. The mobile classroom space made it safe for girls to attend the program and dream of becoming small business women, like starting a tailoring business from home.

  3. The classroom brought digital knowledge to the doorstep of many impoverished students.

  4. The space has increased curiosity for learning amongst the youth and their siblings.

  5. Safe, clean spaces are a rarity in this community and that has been the single largest bottleneck to learning. The BrainBox has made that possible.

  6. The classroom has facilitated an understanding of themselves, career options, work ethics and etiquette and personality and grooming besides computer and spoken- English literacy.
A group of 30 youths is trained by the Antarang Fountation in another area near Reay Road in basic computer and spoken English abilities, using the facilities provided by the BrainBox. The students can now work on Microsoft Word and Power point. They have learnt Excel and to surf the internet.

The BrainBox is planned to move to new areas- Wadala and Dongri Home from September, where it proposes to intensify the batches and address a much larger youth population.

The BrainBox is an example of how simple and innovative provisions of learning spaces can positively impact so many families and Communities.

Some Feedback from the beneficiaries of the Reay Road area:
  1. "I never thought I would ever get to learn computers like my brothers. Now I type better than my brother. I am waiting to see the internet" - Irfana

  2. "Here we feel safe and discuss our future. I am thinking of starting a tailoring business from home" - Shehnaz

  3. "My father is a labourer in the docks. We cannot afford a computer class, this is so much fun" - Ratan

  4. "I would now like to finish my 10th std. I like the books here" - Ratan

A pictorial report on the BrainBox:

Dated: September 04, 2014